Software Development

SeaAnts was established as a software development company and we have been focusing on this area acquiring our client’s requirements and customizing products for them. We have catered a considerable number of products for various clients over the past few years. We have with us already developed products that serve most of the common purposes. As these products are quite common we see to tha

t the uniqueness is sustained and updates are made regularly bringing in more facilitating and choosy options.
We are striving to convert your ideas into suitable products satisfying your anticipation. There will be assurance that our product will work on any platform and will maintain its consistency over a long period of time. We keep updating our technology and introduce new ideas into our product working towards the enhancement of the product. Our general products include:

  1. Finance Management.
  2. Hotel Management
  3. Bar Management
  4. Production Management Solutions
  5. Inventory Solutions
  6. Photo studio Billing Solutions
  7. Bulk SMS Software
  8. Spinning Mill Management Software